T² Hearing Adjuster 1.2

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T² Hearing Adjuster creates touch tone sounds to adjust Starkey hearing devices.

The "T² Hearing Adjuster" creates touch tone sounds that allow you to adjust volume levels, change preset memory modes, and mute/un-mute your Starkey touch tone enabled hearing device.

The "T² Hearing Adjuster" has been originated and funded by Krengel Technology. 50% of proceeds from the sale of this application will be donated to the Starkey Hearing Foundation ( www.starkeyhearingfoundation.org ) to give the gift of hearing to people around the world. If you have a need for this application, you know how wonderful that gift is.

The application provides an easy to use interface which eliminates the need to remember phone key pad numbers associated with commands used to adjust your hearing aid.

In addition, the "T² Hearing Adjuster" includes DTMF amplification and advanced features such as:
✔ Automatically pre-pend the wake command to other tone commands.
✔ Record and playback of touch tone commands.

The recording feature remembers a series of button touches, and then subsequently allows playback of those tone commands. Prior to playback, an animated numeric countdown begins, allowing time to move the phone to the appropriate ear before the tone commands begin sounding.

"T² Hearing Adjuster" is customizable, allowing:
✔ Storing names of your personal memory presets.
✔ Pre-pending the wake command to other tone commands.
✔ Changing the duration of tone commands.
✔ Adjustment of the length of pause after a wake command.
✔ Adjustment of the animated countdown duration during record/playback.

And of course, the "T² Hearing Adjuster" also includes detailed help instructions.

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